korean bbq burrito

Alright kids, enough playing around. It’s time to get food serious over here.

Let’s start by loading a soft flour tortilla with ridiculously tasty garlicky-n-gingery beef, spicy kimchi, steaming white rice, cilantro and basil and just generally herbs to the max, and a big dollop of yum yum sauce. Like a burrito mashup.

And then we shall follow that up by loosely calling it a fusion-style Korean BBQ Burrito.

The ultimate definition of food serious right there.

And now, for a brief breakdown of all the ways in which this recipe and recipe title is delicious and not technically correct.

First – the meat is not *technically* BBQ as in hot grill BBQ. I put it in the slow cooker because it was easier that way. And then it turned out SO DELICIOUS that I couldn’t go back. So, I dunno, go on and judge me. But also, BBQ would also be delicious.

Korean BBQ Burrito - an easy food-truck-style recipe you can make with a slow cooker! spicy beef, kimchi, rice, cilantro, and sriracha mayo in a soft flour tortilla. | pinchofyum.com

Second – Korean is a loose descriptor. I claim no authenticity (it’s a Korean burrito, so right there we’re in trouble). I DID watch several videos to learn how to make Korean-style beef and I AM using kimchi to attempt legitimacy, but mostly this is just me playing around with the beloved flavors and styles of Korean-influenced, Mexican-style street food.

And finally, for an exciting piece of news: these are actually SO easy to make (see pics with labels) and they will provide you with a heavy duty bangkok burrito stock pile for your freezer which is awesome for times like, say, just as an example, the empty-fridge day after a Fourth of July weekend.

We may or may not have made these into loaded tacos over the Fourth of July weekend and our besties may or may not have declared them the BEST TACOS they’ve ever had and if you need me I’ll just be over here making triple batches of the meat for future taco and burrito needs, okay?

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