Don’t let stress ruin your sex life

Perhaps it’s no secret that on the list of things that negatively affect libido, stress is not the least of these. And no matter what they say about the miraculous sedatives, but there are situations when a man has to take everything solely under his own control. And how well you cope with the incident in general (and with their “nerves” in particular) directly affects your self-esteem. And, therefore, and self-confidence. And, therefore, the quantity (as well as the quality) of your subsequent sexual encounters.

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Stress #1

So, you have a public speaking engagement. As professionals advise, first of all, you need to subdue your own imagination. For example, instead of all those faceless spectators, sitting in crowded rows, and ready at any misfiring on your part, not only to boo, but at the same time and throw you rotten eggs, imagine that in the hall sits really close to you.  

Of course, the success of your report depends not only on your self-control, but also on how convincing you sound. And that can be achieved by using the following: indicate your personal attitude to the topic; dilute the speech with stories from life (whether real or fictional), try to be brief and clear; make a few arguments against, and then trash them to the ground; and finally connect the emotional component. 

Stress #2

You have passed love, and now you need to find the strength to end a burdensome relationship with dignity. Obviously or not, but the breakup of a “long-lasting” relationship usually hits harder not the abandoned partner, but the one who is abandoned. Therefore, it will take a lot of strength and self-control from you.

Nevertheless, there are a few tricks to help cope with this stressful situation. First, it is best if your explanation with your former lover will take place on completely neutral territory, preferably in a public place. Secondly, do not go into detail – just state: from now on you can not be together because you personally do not have previous fond feelings for this girl. Third, you should immediately agree on when and what time she will take her things (of course, it is better if you are not at home at that time). And finally, fourth, once and for all cut off all ties with your former girlfriends absolutely all the connections (whether it be phone numbers or contacts on social networks).

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