Alcohol and potency: myths and reality

The influence of alcohol is such that a man is quite capable at first to feel the illusion of renewed sexual power. True, the potency in this case, on the contrary, is reduced. The thing is that alcoholic beverages reduce the level of sex hormones – the main biological component responsible for sexual health. Moreover, the level of testosterone and other substances directly affects the ability to continue reproduction and give birth to healthy offspring. You can also purchase medication here

Do you need your health?

The impact of alcohol on the sexual system after several years of its regular use can be detected even during an ordinary medical checkup. Scientists have already proven that:

  • even moderate consumption of “cultural” alcohol leads to undesirable consequences;
  • in middle age men lose sexual desire and “taste for life”;
  • for those who began to drink at 20, the problems appear even earlier: this is associated with the immaturity of the sensitive sexual system.

Sexual emancipation and the short-lived effect of a stable erection very soon cease to act the way a man would like. And the effect is reversed, because after 35 alcohol before sex rather hinders than helps.

We deal with the situation from the inside

At the very beginning alcohol disinhibits basic human instincts:

  • hunger;
  • aggression;
  • libido.

It turns out that the inhibition of self-control has a positive effect on sexual function and increases sexuality. But after a short-term effect the opposite happens: the effect of increased doses of alcohol begins to inhibit not self-control, but libido and erection (for the same reasons “addiction” occurs, a large dose of alcohol is needed for intoxication). As a result – the systematic use of alcohol affects the erectile receptors, they lose sensitivity.

Where is the way out?

The way out, of course, becomes as much as possible, and even better – a complete rejection of alcohol, including:

  • “cultural” alcohol;
  • low-alcohol drinks, including energy drinks;
  • drinks with high alcohol content.

And if alcohol is a substitute for a quality medical drug for reduced potency, should not use proven medicine, rather than poison, affecting not only sex life, but also life in general? If you do not want to go to a specialist, you can always buy those drugs for potency, which by reviews and annotation will suit you.

How to improve potency without giving up alcohol and cigarettes

If smoking another pack of cigarettes a day or drinking alcohol is commonplace, think about your potency in the future. Fortunately for many smokers there is an effective way to combat weak potency – the use of special drugs to improve erection. The most popular remedy of this category is the sildenafil-based potency enhancement drug Viagra. The remedy is available in the form of tablets to be taken orally before sex. 1 piece of Viagra will instantly return a powerful erection for 4-5 hours. The medicine is prescribed by a doctor on an individual basis. The period of treatment and dosage is solely the doctor’s prerogative. You can buy the medication here