february coffee date

If I could eat this every day for lunch for ever and ever, I’d be a happy girl.

It’s just hard to go wrong with roasted vegetables – and I mean the type where they’re salted, oiled, and browned to such delicious perfection that you really actually GENUINELY enjoy eating them straight off the pan. But we don’t stop there. I like to plop a few hunks of avocado on the plate, maybe cut open a soft boiled egg, and waterfall the whole thing in green tahini sauce.

Okay, Full Disclosure Part One:

I don’t really love tahini. I know this is a weird, non-foodie thing of me to be saying to you right now because tahini is the It girl right now. But I’ve tried it, I’ve kept an open mind, and I just don’t love it. Feel free to leave a comment with your persuasions.

That being said, I love a good green sauce. As in, magic green sauce. As in, cilantro avocado dressing and cilantro vinaigrette. As in sunshine sauce,which isn’t technically green but yellow is close enough, okay?!

So I put tahini in a green sauce. Er, made a green sauce with tahini?

Cilantro, parsley, garlic, olive oil, lemon, salt, tahini. It works.

And Full Disclosure Part Two:

Even though our series is 15 Minute Meal Prep, this takes more than 15 minutes. Chopping veggies just takes time. But now I’m going to suggest another very practical and non-foodie tip for you. BUY PRE-CHOPPED VEGGIES.

In the context of meal prep which results in me eating healthy for an entire week, easy and fast is my winner.

Will you add eggs? Tofu? Chicken? Or enjoy it plain with a squeeze of lemon and your green tahini drizzle? GIRL THE SKY IS THE LIMIT! I LOVE U MEAL PREP!