slow cooker creole chicken and sausage

Try our new dish!

Creole Chicken and Sausage? I don’t really know how to explain it, but it’s a like whoa yummy combo we have going on upinhere.

This idea originated as a simple shredded Creole chicken kind of thing made in the slow cooker so my cooking life could be awesomely easy and full of mouth rocking flavor, and then bam: it morphed into something a little more healthy. The addition of sausage (just kidding –  not healthy and I still really  sausage, in particular smoked Andouille sausage yum yum yum), beans, and bell peppers, all simmered up in that spicy tomato sauce?

I’m doing the Creole Chicken dance right now. Don’t even imagine it.

And then I became food weird and random things were added. Like almond butter – no explanation there – and brown sugar, and green onions. But food friends, please resist the temptation to think that this doesn’t taste good. I’m telling you: it was really good. And oh, how I looked forward to eating the leftovers for lunch all week. Like, seriously. 10 AM, in the middle of a lesson on single digit division, this was on my brain. But what else is new?

Yesterday we returned home from our vacation to Arizona, and I’m not going to lie: I’m currently wallowing in the depths of Minnesota despair. I traded cucumber water and sandals for hot teas and slippers. It’s going to snow tomorrow, and for some reason my Facebook newsfeed is blowing up with people talking about yay spring. Like, what?! Breaking 40 degrees for a few hours in the afternoon is NOT yay spring. We probably can’t even be friends anymore if you’re going to act like that.

Six days ago you may or may not have seen my cruising through the hood with my windows rolled down, sunglasses on, wind blowing in the nice 41 degree Minnesota air. But now I have a major crush on Arizona, and it’s really hard to like my home state right now.

Grr. + Brrr.

I can’t wait to show you some vacation pictures next week! One of my favorite things about how the blog has developed in the last year is how much interest you guys have in regular-life posts that I do every now and then. I am all about the food, and so are you, but I’m glad we can be friends.

Like when I show you pictures of my house and you don’t judge me for leaving stuff laying around on the floor in the same exact spot for three months.

Or when you forgive me for talking your ear off about cliche things like the current weather in Minnesota.

That’s basically the definition of friendship.

It’s the weeeeeeekend. I am so haaaaaaappy.