Sustanon – yeah… how many newcomers were in this injectable steroid, and in fact all of them have progressed! About 10 years ago, when pharmacology began to become more or less accessible and widespread in Ukraine, Sustanon Organon and Anabol from British Dispensary occupied the top. For many bodybuilders at that time, these were the only available steroids that somehow [through friends] could be bought in our country. And those who managed to “get” only Sustanon – did a solo course, which at that hour gave simply phenomenal results. But today there are athletes who want to buy a Sustanon solo course without any additional medications.  

Sustanon solo course and its action

Right or wrong, in this article we will talk about it. Let’s consider the main aspects of the drug and what it will give in solo performance. If you already have the concept that it represents a steroid Sustanon [ Sustanone ] and for which it was released, it will not penetrate deeply into these questions. Let’s just say that it really worked effectively when it was necessary to artificially raise the level of the male sex hormone in the body and when an increase in body weight was needed, for example, in patients with dystrophy and severe postoperative cases.  

Now let’s imagine that if the Sustanon solo course helped the seriously ill, then how can it affect a healthy person, and even if this person is an athlete and works out in the gym ? ? After all, another cool property of Sustanon is an increase in the synthesis of everything you eat , that is, for example, if you previously ate and the body could absorb only 20% of all nutrients, then on the Sustanon course , even in the solo version, this percentage increases dramatically by 60% !

Tempting? Of course, because now you can not just do something that’s up to you, but also will receive something that does not depend – is magnified many times muscle growth by increasing metabolism. You will grow and recover perfectly during rest, coming to the next workout with more and more fuse, as if you had not trained before, and the muscles will noticeably increase in volume!

Who would refuse this ? ? Yes, no one, I think everyone will say and will not be mistaken, because with the correct use of Sustanon on a solo course, the result will be amazing , and possible negative factors can be nullified. The main thing is to properly administer the course, as always, and then everything will be in order. You can find more information here

Side effects of the solo course

For those who do not know, Sustanon solo is not the name of a steroid, it is just an understanding that there will be only one drug on the course, and this is natural Sustanon . What will this anabolic steroid give us without the help of its “friends”, for example, methandrostenolone, nandrolone, turinabol or trenbolone, with which they are now so often used to combine the Sustanon course , well, at least an increase in muscle volume will go uphill and quite noticeably. The fact is that a steroid, even solo, will retain a large amount of fluid in soft tissues, that is, muscles, and due to this, you will increase, as the people say, by leaps and bounds.        

This is great, you tell me, that’s what I always wanted! But not everything is so smooth, because along with water retention, fat will accumulate, especially in problem areas, such as, for example, the abdomen and lower back. But this is not very good, most would think. Do not get upset prematurely, we will show you how to do it to avoid almost all the side effects on the solo course. Let’s figure out why water retention and wateriness occur. The thing is that with an excess of testosterone, our body converts it into estrogens, and these are female sex hormones that cause all the unpleasant moments on the course. 

What to do and how to deal with it ? ? Everything is very simple, you just need to buy aromatase blockers , the most famous of which is Anastrozole. It blocks the production of estrogen, thereby decreasing the likelihood of gynecomastia and anything else you worried about. What else needs to be taken into account on the solo course is that Sustanon over time inhibits the hypothalamus-pituitary- testicular arc. This is due to the introduction into the body of a large amount of artificial testosterone and its unnecessary [as the body thinks] simply ceases to be released.    

That is why the invented post-course therapy , which, with the help of certain medications, is able to restore the production of endogenous testosterone in the shortest possible time and bring the hormonal background back to its original position. One of these drugs is Clomid, it will easily raise your male hormone even higher than it was originally and will minimize the possible rollback phenomenon after canceling Sustanon injections . You can safely buy 2 blisters [40 tablets] this will be enough even with a long solo course.    

Amount of steroid on a solo course

Dosages of C onset on a solo cycle usually range from 250 to 1000mg per week. For example, if your weight is 70 kg, then a dosage of 500mg is unlikely to be needed, you can do with a volume of 250mg. With a body weight of 80 kg, you can safely set 500 and wait for the anabolic to start working [up to 10 days]. It is best to give injections not at one time, but to divide the weekly value into 2 doses. This way you can achieve a more stable and constant concentration of the active substance in the blood.  

The duration of the solo course is 8-10 weeks, a longer period does not make sense and the number of side effects will exceed the benefits received. Injections must be done in a previously prepared place, disinfecting it with an alcohol solution – usually this is the gluteus muscle or the outer part of the thigh.

Having weighed all the factors, you can safely decide to buy Sustanon, but it’s up to you to do a solo course or in combination with other steroids. If you do not find the answer to this question, you can not hesitate to contact our specialists, who, having evaluated your nuances, will tell you how best to proceed.  

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