The best romantic places to buy property in Spain

Time has disposed so that in our age man can have any rest, no matter what he wishes. If you aspire to calmness, if you want to feel solitude, to gain strength, to be in silence and enjoy the beauty of the scenery that opens up to the eye – it is not necessary to go to desert islands. You can also find it in quite civilized places with all the benefits. So where would romanticists who want to feel more like Elizabeth Gilbert than Robinson Crusoe go? There are many such secluded charming places in Spain, including Roses Empuriabrava and Playa de Aro.

Why Playa de Aro and Roses Empuriabrava?

The answer is simple: these small towns have everything a romantic soul can aspire to – beautiful nature, medieval architecture, including ancient castles and churches, secluded cozy beaches, small hotels where you can be a resident of these places, not a “package tourist”. Just half an hour from Girona airport, the resort town of Playa de Aro is located, with unique offers for luxury properties with picturesque views. Once both villages were small fishing villages and now there is a fully developed infrastructure that can be used if you wish: shopping, bars and restaurants, discos, excursions, etc. At any time the secluded holiday can be complemented by active entertainment, especially its diversity during the holiday season (June to September). 

The most romantic spots of Roses Empuriabrava and Playa de Aro

Roses Empuriabrava and Playa de Aro are the treasures of the Costa Brava. These are small cities, with an unseasonable population of about 10 thousand people. Arriving here at this time (between October and May), you can fully experience the charm of a secluded holiday. The main advantages for which we have classified these towns as one of the most paradisiacal and romantic – charming medieval buildings. In Rosas, they include the Museum of the Rose Citadel in an ancient castle, as well as the Castillo de la Trinidad and the Church of the Holy Virgin.

In Playa de Aro, you can see the entire historical centre. The medieval Castle of Benedormiens, built in the 11th century, impresses everyone who has the privilege of discovering this unique place. It is here that you can stroll endlessly through the narrow ancient streets and enjoy their romance and beauty, thinking about the eternal or just not thinking about anything. If you add to the above breathtaking scenery in the surrounding area, it becomes obvious – behind the romantic paradise only here!

It is worth noting that since the beginning of the season, thousands of tourists have flocked to the lovely, cozy town of Empuriabrava, which makes it very attractive for investment. By buying property in Empuriabrava, you not only get the opportunity to live in Spain, so the property that will only grow in value and bring good profits.

Also worth saying a few words about the beautiful island of Mallorca, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea. Here you can find a lot of different romantic places, so that you can always pay more attention to this sector and do everything to make this place closer to you. Now you can easily buy house mallorca which will help you get more positive and give you a real chance to get your own home in paradise. So it is worth talking about that there are many interesting places in Spain that can be optimal for buying a property. You can just choose from among them that particular option that will be as close and interesting as possible.