The Dangers of Overuse of Steroid Cream

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Dermatologists in Thailand are warning people to avoid overuse of steroid cream products. In a forum on the health effects of beauty products, dermatologist Dr Chuchai said that in Thailand, the prevalence of anti-inflammatory skin creams has increased due to direct sales and easy access. Patients often buy these over the counter and without a prescription, making it difficult to monitor the side effects of these drugs. In addition, people may not seek medical attention for early signs of side-effects.


There are several side effects associated with topical steroid cream use. Unlike oral steroid treatment, the effects of topical steroid use are not immediately noticeable, and they often go unnoticed until the individual stops using the cream. Symptoms include peeling skin, burning sensations, and insomnia. Although a topical steroidal overdose is usually slow to resolve, some patients benefit from a long-term treatment with oral steroids.

The side effects of overuse of steroid cream can be severe. While they do not show up until the patient stops using the cream, the symptoms may include peeling or itching skin, burning, and insomnia. This process can be long and slow. However, oral steroids can be helpful in some cases. A doctor can recommend the most appropriate steroid treatment based on your specific condition. But, you should be sure to talk to a medical professional before beginning treatment with topical steroids.

Using steroid cream for prolonged periods of time can lead to red skin syndrome, which is common with chronic eczema. While they are effective in clearing up the skin, steroids can have a negative effect on the adrenal glands and can make the skin thin and transparent. This is why it is important to avoid overuse of steroid cream. You can read more about the risks of steroid use below.

It is important to remember that steroid creams should be used with caution. Some people are allergic to steroid products, so it is crucial to avoid any exposure to them. Some of these products can be harmful. Therefore, it is best to consult a dermatologist before using topical steroids. Nevertheless, overuse of steroid creams can be beneficial for patients suffering from certain conditions. This medication is also available at your local pharmacy.

Unlike oral steroids, topical steroid creams should be used only under the guidance of a medical professional. It is best to consult a doctor if you’re using the cream for more than one month. The overuse of steroid creams may cause adverse reactions and may even lead to hormonal imbalance. If you’re using them for more than six weeks, it may lead to rebound effects.


Aside from the side effects, overuse of steroid cream can also cause the adrenal glands to be suppressed. If you’re using topical steroids more than once a week, you are at risk of developing steroid-phobia. Consequently, your skin may become thin and transparent. If your skin becomes dry, it will appear grey. So, it’s best to consult a dermatologist before using topical steroids.

There are various side effects of topical steroids. Some of them are mild, and you can buy them from a pharmacy. You should apply steroid creams only when the affected skin is inflamed and you’ll see better results in a short period of time. Do not apply the cream more often than recommended by your doctor, as this can cause more serious side effects. So, the right dosage of steroid creams will depend on the severity of your condition.

Topical steroid use

Generally, topical steroids are applied once or twice a day. For best results, you should apply a small amount to the affected area, not liberally. You should gently rub it in until the cream absorbs into the skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should wash your hands after applying topical steroid creams to avoid further complications. In some cases, a doctor may have a steroid-phobia, which is a condition where he or she is afraid to prescribe a topical steroid because he or she believes the use of this product is dangerous.

Despite the risk of side effects, overuse of steroid creams is generally harmless. The only potential side effect is that it can make you more susceptible to other health problems, such as HIV and cancer. For this reason, it is important to use topical steroid creams in moderation and to understand the risks of overuse. In fact, a thick layer of steroid creams may be necessary for your treatment.